DataView is now available.

Release Notes:

  • [Bug] Fixed an issue that could cause LastIndex value to be wrong when adding rows with a sortcolumn selected.
    [Bug] Setting a cell value in the sorted column now causes the sort to be performed.
  • [Performance] Improved ProgressBar rendering
    [Performance] Now invalidates cell when setting value rather than refresh to avoid lag when adding rows
  • [Demo] Event logging window efficiency improved.


  • [IMPORTANT] DataView Users must now call piDogDataView.DataView.Register() rather than piDogScrollingCanvas.Register()
  • [New] Added “edit as TextEdit” parameter to CellKeyDown event to allow verifying entry and preventing exiting an edit by intercepting “Enter” and “Tab” keystrokes
    [New] Added WillNavigateToCell event to allow modifying the next cell to receive focus when navigating via keyboard.
    [New] Added NavigateToNextCell to allow simulating navigation via a Tab press
  • [Mac] Fixed an issue where alignment could be wrong after scrolling when using native scrollers and scrolling area is smaller than the control.