Happy New Year and a Dataview Update



I’ve updated Dataview to (API2) and (API1)

Changes include:

  • [New] Added DataView.ColumnDateFormat and ListColumn.DateFormat
  • [New] Added CellTextAt method for easier differentiation from cellValueAt
  • [All] Fix for display issues when hiding many rows
  • [All] Fix default formatting of integer and floating point cell values
  • [All] Fix for setting rowcount to less than current value
  • [All] Fix to some issues with threaded use (also affect piDogScrollingCanvas)

Grab the latest versions HERE.

As always, DataView and piDogScrollingCanvas are available as Encrypted or Source Code access (via the gitlab.com repo).

DataView Now Available

DataView and piDogScrollingCanvas API1

32bit 64bit ARM64

Size: 8.4 MB
Published: December 31, 2023

Minor update with a few fixes. This release should also play better with Xojo versions after 2019r2 especially where scrollbar setting had disappeared from the inspector.

[New] Now allows passing an array of variants to AddRow method

[Change] HeadingTextPaint now passes x and width byref to allow changing the location and size of text using built in rendering

[Bug] Fix for tabbing out of editableText Cell into CellContainerCell not keeping focus
[Bug] DatePicker now allows a full 1 second to type a date

DataView Now Available


[Demo] Inspector window follows more nicely on macOS

[New] Added CopyDelimiter and CopyLineBreak properties to allow customizing how cells are copied as text (default=TAB,CRLF)
[New] Added Title() method to xWindowWrapper for Xojo cross version compatibility

[All] Fix for potential exception in Draw_ResizingColumns
[All] Fix for header not scrolling horizontally properly
[All] Fix for failure to respect changed value when handling cellDidEdit.

[macOS] Setting a material on a DataView now behaves when dataview is within a container.

[Win] Improvements in how listHighlightColor is read from OS
[Win] Improvement to how dpi changes are detected
[Win] Now handles hidpi better on Windows