DataView and piDogScrollingCanvas

DataView and piDogScrollingCanvas is now available.


[Linux] DateChooser now shows in the correct position relative to the selected cell
[Linux] Containers now accept mouse clicks again
[Win] Fixed issue with calculating CellTextHeight during window resize
[Mac] Setting HeadingTextSize now respected in Open event
[Mac] Fix for pre Mojave macOS when enabling vibrancy
[Mac] Fix for lag when scrollbars need to be hidden or shown on macOS
[Bug] Fix to allow scrollers to resize smaller than 50 pixels if needed

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DataView and piDogScrollingCanvas Available

DataView and piDogScrollingCanvas  now available.

Release Notes:

[Demo] Several adjustments. Live adjustment of header and rowHeights works again.
[Performance] Increased cache size to improve scrolling
[Mac] ColumnWidths now correct with Native scrollers.
[Win] Fixed a bug with Native Scrollers not working in some cases
[Bug] Fix for potential OutOfBoundsException in piDogScrollingCanvas
[Bug] Dragging a column no longer triggers vertical scrolling

[Demo] Added new main demo menu window
[New] Implemented Tab-Navigation in CellContainers and Tabbing between CellContainers
[Change] Click in a popupMenu cell now allows drag within cell and release to still fire menu
[Mac] No longer requires a second click to open the last closed popupmenu
[Win] Improved CellContainer rendering for Windows 7
[Win] Fixed an issue compiling for 64bit
[Win] Fixed FunctionNotFoundException on Win7
[Bug] Fixed some issues with cell borders when rowspan is used