DataView Now Available

DataView and piDogScrollingCanvas

32bit 64bit ARM64

Size: 23.3 MB
Published: April 2, 2023

Minor update with a few fixes. This release should also play better with Xojo versions after 2019r2 especially where scrollbar setting had disappeared from the inspector.

[New] Now allows passing an array of variants to AddRow method

[Change] HeadingTextPaint now passes x and width byref to allow changing the location and size of text using built in rendering

[Bug] Fix for tabbing out of editableText Cell into CellContainerCell not keeping focus
[Bug] DatePicker now allows a full 1 second to type a date

DataView Now Available


[Demo] Inspector window follows more nicely on macOS

[New] Added CopyDelimiter and CopyLineBreak properties to allow customizing how cells are copied as text (default=TAB,CRLF)
[New] Added Title() method to xWindowWrapper for Xojo cross version compatibility

[All] Fix for potential exception in Draw_ResizingColumns
[All] Fix for header not scrolling horizontally properly
[All] Fix for failure to respect changed value when handling cellDidEdit.

[macOS] Setting a material on a DataView now behaves when dataview is within a container.

[Win] Improvements in how listHighlightColor is read from OS
[Win] Improvement to how dpi changes are detected
[Win] Now handles hidpi better on Windows

DataView updated to v1.16

This release includes a significant rewrite of internal rendering with major improvements for Retina displays!

Download it here.

In this release:

  • [New] Internal rendering overhaul.
  • [New] FPS greatly improved for HIDPI/Retina
  • [New] using dashed gridlines no longer slows rendering speed
  • [New] Added CellTextWidth method to get the required width to display the full text for a given cell
  • [New] Added ListColumn.AutoExpandWidth() to allow for automatically expanding column width to show all text in cells of that column
  • [New] Added property DefaultMaxColumnWidth to allow setting a default max width for new columns
  • [New] Added EndEditing parameter to cellDidEdit to allow preventing editing of next cell when tabbing out of editing cell
  • [Change] DataSource renamed to dvDataSource to avoid naming conflicts
  • [All] Fix for popupmenu cells not displaying the currently assigned value
  • [All] Fix for potential exception when user resizing columns
  • [All] Fix for situations where a dataview is embedded in a panel inside a desktopContainer
  • [All] Some improvements to scrolling when a drag is near the edge of the control
  • [All] Home and End keys now scroll to top and bottom of view
  • [All] Fixed a possible exception when resizing columns
  • [Mac] Fix for column alignment Center/Right on M1 Macs