DataView 1.14.7 Now Available

DataView and piDogScrollingCanvas 1.14.7 are now available for download.


  • [Bug] Fixed an issue preventing cellContainers from rendering on first paint.
  • [Bug] Fix for potential OutOfBoundsException during column resize.
  • [Bug] Improved edge alignment of non-native scrollers
  • [Bug] Fix for demo bugs if run in pre Xojo 2015r3 IDE
  • [Bug] Fix for disclosure triangles in pre 2018 IDE
  • [Win] Cleaned up minor issue that could potentially cause rare crash on quit.
  • [All] Removed some items deprecated by Xojo


DataView is now available. Download Here

Release Notes:

  • [Change] UsesSystemColors and UsesSystemHeaders now override color setting rather than replacing them. This allows you to set the value to true and grab any system colors you need and then set the value back to false without losing the currently configured settings.
  • [New] Added CopySystemColors to allow grabbing all system theme colors and to still be able to override desired values.
  • [Improvement] Improved speed when adding many empty rows at once.
  • [Bug] Fixed clipping of rows beneath locked columns
  • [Bug] Setting listIndex now also updates current location for keyboard navigation
  • [Mac] Now handles DarkMode switching 100% reliably
  • [Bug] HeadingTextPaint now scales graphics context properly
  • [Bug] Fixed a potential exception on quit
  • [Bug] Fix for possible infinite refresh loop when setting cell values in RowWillRender
  • [Linux] Fixed misc issues related to text scaling

DataView and piDogScrollingCanvas

DataView and piDogScrollingCanvas is now available.


[Linux] DateChooser now shows in the correct position relative to the selected cell
[Linux] Containers now accept mouse clicks again
[Win] Fixed issue with calculating CellTextHeight during window resize
[Mac] Setting HeadingTextSize now respected in Open event
[Mac] Fix for pre Mojave macOS when enabling vibrancy
[Mac] Fix for lag when scrollbars need to be hidden or shown on macOS
[Bug] Fix to allow scrollers to resize smaller than 50 pixels if needed

More info and Download Here!