DataView Now Available

Release Notes: [New] Added CellContainer.FillCellWidth and FillCellHeight properties to replace reliance on defunct LockLeft,LockTop etc.[Bug] SnapToRowTops now more reliable and accurate[Bug] Scrolling lag corrected when paintEmptyRows=true or using Gridlines[Bug] Empty rows now respect Column.DefaultColumnSpan property[Bug] CellContainer insets corrected for heirarchical lists

DataView Available [New] You can now set the varType of a column to treat values in that column as that type of value ie me.column(x).vartype=varType(1.0) //set type to double[New] Added inspector Window to demo to allow Viewing and modifying properties of Demo Items.[New] Added SortIndicatorPaint event to allow custom drawing of column sort indicator[Demo] Reorganized Demo … Read more