SimpleKeys 2.6.11 Now Available

Check out the latest version! Fix to allow AppleScripts to execute Under latest MacOS Now Checks for conflicting KeyCombos Improvements to Application scanning (Now finds Finder again) Examples in Help menu now load again Various minor improvements

DataView and piDogScrollingCanvas v1.15.1.5 Now Available [New] Added CacheColumnsDuringResize to allow turning off the default cached column rendering during window resize.[Win7] Fix for CellEdit on Win7 not wrapping text during edit.[Linux] Improved AutoExpandCellEditor behavior on Linux. Download Now to check it out!

DataView and piDogScrollingCanvas v1.15.1.4 Now Available [All] Various internal classes no longer appear in Library pane[Bug] Fixed an issue where first row couldn’t be edited when at 2x+ zoom[Bug] Cell editor now reflects font and size of cell being edited[Win] Character Wrap now supported on Windows targets[Bug] Fixed a potential exception in render_column Download Now to check it out!

DataView and piDogScrollingCanvas now available

DataView and piDogScrollingCanvas v1.15.1.3 now available for download! In This Release: [Demo] Added AddRow and DeleteRow to Database Demo/DBDataSource [New] All datasource accessors to rows() array now use RowID method to allow overidding by subclasses [Bug] Fixed an issue where a celledit could overlap heading if top of dataview was > 0 [Bug] Fixed issue … Read more