DataView 1.13.3 Now Available

DataView has been updated to 1.13.3. This update includes: 1.13.3 [Bug] Fixed column lookups with AccessColumnsByInsertionOrder set. Specifically cellClick, columnByTitle, columnByFieldName, cellHelpTag and FocusCell.[Bug] Fixed alignment offset for dateChooser cells.[Bug] Fixed some more issues with scrollbars covering part of last column [Mac] Fixed native scrollbar alignment 1 pixel error

DataView 1.13.2 Now Available!

DataView and piDogScrollingCanvas 1.13.2 are now available for download. Added AlignmentVertical and AlignmentHorizontal properties to piDogScrollingCanvas Fixed jitteryness when resizing window with empty rows in DataView Fixed an issues where returning true from MouseDown breaks other functionality Fixed black lines on the edges of header above vertical scrollbar.

DataView 1.13.1

I’ve updated DataView and piDogScrollingCanvas to v1.13.1 Check out the details here!

DataView v1.13

DataView 1.13 is now available! This update includes several important bug fixes and optimizations.