DataView 1.14.7 Now Available

DataView and piDogScrollingCanvas 1.14.7 are now available for download.


  • [Bug] Fixed an issue preventing cellContainers from rendering on first paint.
  • [Bug] Fix for potential OutOfBoundsException during column resize.
  • [Bug] Improved edge alignment of non-native scrollers
  • [Bug] Fix for demo bugs if run in pre Xojo 2015r3 IDE
  • [Bug] Fix for disclosure triangles in pre 2018 IDE
  • [Win] Cleaned up minor issue that could potentially cause rare crash on quit.
  • [All] Removed some items deprecated by Xojo

DataView available

DataView is now available for download
 [New] Added CellFormatString() to compliment ListColumn.FormatString
 [Mac Bug!] Fixed an issue preventing mouse clicks in Native Scrollers
 [Win] Fixed a "blank space" rendering issue with locked columns
 [Linux] Fix for header sort triangle rendering
 [Linux] Fix for checkall checkbox not working
 [Bug] Added overrides to allow more thread safety
 [Bug] Fixed potential exception when tabbing through empty DataView
 [Bug] Fixed an issue where rows following an inserted row may not be redrawn properly