DataView available

DataView is now available for download
 [New] Added CellFormatString() to compliment ListColumn.FormatString
 [Mac Bug!] Fixed an issue preventing mouse clicks in Native Scrollers
 [Win] Fixed a "blank space" rendering issue with locked columns
 [Linux] Fix for header sort triangle rendering
 [Linux] Fix for checkall checkbox not working
 [Bug] Added overrides to allow more thread safety
 [Bug] Fixed potential exception when tabbing through empty DataView
 [Bug] Fixed an issue where rows following an inserted row may not be redrawn properly

DataView Available

DataView and piDogScrollingCanvas now available!

[New] Added CellCueText and ListColumn.CueText to provide a string to display to the user when a cell value is Nil
[Mac] Improved handling of system colors (Proper ColorSpace and selection color pre-mojave)
[Mac] No longer leaves artifact on tabPanel and pagePanel if vibrancy enabled
[Bug] Select all now ignored when selectionMode=SelectionSingle
[Bug] Programatically selecting a row with SelectionMode=SelectionSingle now deselects other rows
[Bug] ScrollingLayerSizeChanged event now only fired if size truly changed