DataView and piDogScrollingCanvas released

Release Notes:

  • [Change] Changed DoubleClick(row,column) event to CellDoubleClick(row,column)
  • [Change] Added DoubleClick(x,y) event

  • [New] Added HeadingTextBold property to render all column headers as bold text
  • [New] Added PageUp, PageDown, PageLeft, and PageRight events
  • [New] Horizontal pagescroll now tries to scroll to closest column boundary
  • [New] Added PageScrollToColumnBounds to allow turning off new page-scroll-to-column behavior
  • [New] Added HeadingTextPadding property to allow control of padding space around heading text

  • [All] No longer sets empty string as cell value when adding empty row
  • [All] Now draws gridlines full width when columns do not fill the view
  • [All] Fixed misc issues with gridlines and cell borders with paintemptyrows set.
  • [All] Gridlines now render with pixel accuracy again for sharp appearance
  • [All] Using CompareRows event to impliment custom sort now much faster with long lists
  • [All] Fixed piDogGeometry.doubleRect constructor with zero width or height not setting bottom and right values respectively
  • [All] Fix for cellBorders and Gridlines when using columnspan or rowspan
  • [All] Fixed a NilObjectException
  • [All] Fix for black background in celleditor with Xojo > 2019r1.1
  • [All] DeleteAllRows now resets LastIndex to -1
  • [All] Adjusted firing of cellclick to allow changing selectiontype during the event to affect the current selection action.

  • [Mac] Fixed inactive progressbar rendering under macOS Big Sur

  • [Win] Fixed an issue with CellTextHeight when zoom<>1.0
  • [Win] Fixed a potential crash when closing windows containing DataView

SimpleKeys 2.6.16 Available

SimpleKeys has been updated to v2.6.16!

New in this version:

  • Fixed problem with App Nap causing typing to slow down.
  • Added animation to menubar icon to give visual feedback when a shortcut is executing
  • Now displays first 2 lines of each action description for better viewing of scripts and long typing actions
Size: 8.8M
Version: 2.6.16
Published: April 16, 2021

DataView and piDogScrollingCanvas Now Available

Check it out here Highlights

[All] Added DragReorderRowsOut event to provide the opportunity to choose to delete dragged rows or restore them
[All] Added LazyRendering option to provide smoother scrolling by allowing row rendering to be deferred if a frame is taking too long to render
[All] Fixes for cell text positioning shift when changing column size where text becomes truncated
[All] Focused cell now follows drag reorder and column reorder

[Win] Fix for popupmenu raising event with old value on windows.
[Win] Fixed some issues with column dragging under Windows OS with screen scaling >1
[Win] Fix for container rendering under Windows on Xojo pre-2018
[Win] ctrl-arrow now scrolls the view

[Win Linux] Added arrows to native scrollbars on Windows and Linux