DataView Posted

DataView Now Available Notes: [Win] Fixed an issue compiling for 64bit[Win] Fixed FunctionNotFoundException on Win7[Change] Click in a popupMenu cell now allows drag within cell and release to still fire menu


DataView and piDogScrollingCanvas v1.14.3.1 are now available! New in this release: [New] Added SelectedState property to CellContainer for adjusting appearance based on state [New] Added SelectedStateChanged event to CellContainer for adjusting appearance based on state [Change] Selection now follows tab-key navigation [Bug] Calling editCell() while another cell is editing will now save edited value … Read more

Debugging the Undebuggable

Xojo has an excellent debugger that allows you to inspect values at runtime, step through code and get nice messages when something goes wrong. But sometimes this is not enough.

DataView 1.14.3 Available

DataView 1.14.3 is now available Changes  in this version: [Bug] Internal handlers now use weakref to avoid issues with DataView in container [Bug] Locked Columns with cellHeight now render correctly again. [Bug] Dragging rows to end of list now exposes all available rows. [Bug] Dragging rows out and back in to DataView no longer displays … Read more