Xojo Code

DataView is an easy to use yet very powerful drop-in  replacement for Xojo’s built-in Listbox control. Check out the numerous features available in the downloadable demo and in the docs!

ActivityViewer is an easy to use set of Container Controls that can be embedded in a Window to display the progress of background processes and optionally give the user the ability to cancel or pause a process.

For users of Xojo, implementing a reliable Undo feature has never been a simple task, but with the introduction of TheBigUndo module by piDog Software, Undo’s are almost an afterthought.

CalendarControl is an easy to use Canvas Subclass, allowing you to add calendars and date choosers to your Xojo projects. I’ve even added some smooth animation for month changes. Includes CellBackgroundPaint and CellTextPaint events to customize your calendar.


SimpleKeys 2 is a complete rewrite of the popular f-key shortcut program. Now in addition to programing your function keys, SimpleKeys allows you to…

  • Specify what applications a shortcut is active in.
  • Execute an action with any key combination

And Much More!

JPEG4Web makes it simple to Crop, Resize, Compress, and Save JPEGs for the Web

Drag any image file to the editor window or the application icon in the Dock. Resize and compress the image using the sliders. Select an area and click on the “Crop” tool. Click save and you are ready to upload!
Made For Mac OSX!

TelnetLauncher3 is a complete rewrite of TelnetLauncher, the original terminal bookmarking and launching software for Mac OSX!

About piDog

Since the year 2000, when Mac OS X was a mere public beta, piDog Software has been creating useful and easy to use software for consumers and developers with Xojo as a primary development platform. Always looking for a new challenge, piDog is also available for custom design, coding and training. Contact us for more info!