DataView is now available!

[Bug] Fix for failed zoom gestures when window is resized.
[Bug] No longer requires constant redrawing scrolling layer when scrolling in raster mode.

  • [Linux] removed code preventing compile with Xojo pre 2017r2

  • [Mac] Fixed scrollerbounds on retina displays with locked columns set
  • [Mac] Fixed header drawing with vibrant header on retina displays
  • [Mac] Fixed some header transparency issues with UsesSystemColors set to True
  • [Mac] Vibrant Header now fills gap on the right edge when scrollbar is visible
  • [Mac] Fixed scrolling image alignment with native scrollers
  • [Win] Row background colors with alpha now render correctly.
  • [Win] Scrollerbounds adjusted for HIDPI displays with lockcolumns set

Also includes several bug fixes. Check the release notes for more.