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DataView DataView and piDogScrollingCanvas Now Available!
Release Notes: [Change] Removed CellTextPaintEnabled and CellBackgroundPaintEnabled [New] Added code to draw in disabled state, including ListDisabledTextColor and HeadingDisabledTextColor properties [New] Added CellPopupMenuAction Event [Mac] Fixed a bug related to Vibrancy when includeTitleBar=true [Win] Added workaround for a bug in Xojo 2018r2 related to graphics.clip and graphics.clearrect [Win] Fixed a possible exception when a celltext is less than 1 pixel width or height 1.12.1 [Change] RowFromXY and ColumnFromXY now have added optional parameter 'isMouseCoordinates' to allow default behavior to match ListBox [Bug] MouseUp event now works as expected [Bug] Scrollbars now cause extra scrolling space if the last row would be obscured. [Bug] Vertical Scrollbars no longer appear when not needed [Bug] PDF output now behaves on computers with Retina displays [Bug] Printing now behaves on computers with Retina displays [Bug] Embedded containers now render correctly on HIDPI Displays [Bug] Drawing ImageSets now scales correctly on HIDPI Displays [Bug] Focused Containers now draw correctly when the parent window becomes inactive [Mac] Native Scrollers again hide properly per user preference. [Mac] Heading height now correct when UsesSystemColors is set [Win] Fix for text rendering on non-opaque background [Win] Fix for containers not coloring background when selected [Win] Heading displays correctly if no heading height is specified with UsesSystemColors [Win] Native Scrollers no longer autohide [Win] Native Scrollers now hide when not needed [Win] Fix for DateChooser not responding to mouse clicks [Win] Improved Text rendering in Windows scaled displays. [Win] Embedded RadioButtons now render correctly [Win] SelectedHeadingColor now correct with UsesSystemColors [Win] HeadingHeight now correct with UsesSystemColors [Win/Linux] Embedded DataView now renders correctly [Win7] Fix for containers not rendering 1.12.0 [New] Updates for new Docset documentation system [New] CellEdit now returns a variant of the same type stored in the dataview. [New] CellWillEdit event provides an opportunity to prevent the edit by returning true or adjust the text presented for editing. [New] CellDidEdit event provides an opportuntiy to reject the edit or adjust the value stored based on the text entered by the user [New] Added RenderCell method to allow creating a snapshot of an individual cell. [New] AddFolder now accepts a list of titles to populate cells. [New] Added "Selectable" setter and getter for rows/cells to prevent/allow selection. [New] Added ListColumn properties TextBold, TextItalic, TextFont, TextSize [New] Now provides visual feedback and scrolling when dragging rows over a list (dragitem, not dragreorder) [New] DropObject now fires if CellDropObject, DropCells and DropRows do not apply. [Change] CellDropObject now fires regardless of whether a cell or row was dragged. [Change] Cells with Double Values now formatted more readably [Bug] Fixed an issue drawing disclosure triangles in the correct colors when cellcontainer in use [Bug] CellBackgroundColor now overrides Column.BackgroundColor [Bug] Fix for SaveAsPDF where widths() was ignored [Bug] Expanding a row during the ExpandRow Event no longer loses track of currently Expanding Folder [Bug] Fixed an issue in calculating odd/even count for empty rows [Bug] Fixed an issue where empty rows were not painted if rows had custom height set [Bug] Fixed an issue dragging a group row when other rows are also selected [Bug] Fixed an issue where group headings would draw twice when floating [Bug] Fixed a possible crash when scrolling past left edge with gridlines enabled [Bug] certain inspector settings no longer ignored [Win] Align center now works with recent Xojo IDE

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TheBigUndo 1.1.0
TheBigUndo 1.1.0
TheBigUndo has been updated to improve compatibility with the current Xojo IDE and add support for GTK3.

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ActivityViewer 2.6.0
ActivityViewer 2.6.0
ActivityViewer has been updated to improve compatibility with the current Xojo IDE and add support for SecureSockets.

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SimpleKeys 2
Updated to v2.5.5

Now OSX10.10 compatible!

  • This update fixes some problems running under Mac OS 10.10 Yosemite. Also added a speed adjustment for typing text.

SimpleKeys allows you to assign an action or sequence of actions to almost any key combination in a simple, easy to use interface. From typing text to full macro creation, automating your Mac has never been easier.
TelnetLauncher3.1 Released

TelnetLauncher 3 is a complete rewrite of the original Terminal bookmarking app for Mac OS X!

TelnetLauncher 3 brings superior stability along with several new features including:
  • Open a session group in a tabbed terminal window!
  • Window settings are now left to
  • New "File Drop" shortcuts, allowing you to drag files to TelnetLauncher and run a command using the dropped file's path!
  • Customize TelnetLauncher's appearance with custom colored window and text

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JPEG4Web Updated to 1.8.0. Now a sandboxed app! Many internal improvements for speed and stability.

JPEG4Web makes it a breeze to Resize, Compress, Crop, and Watermark a single image or a collection of images for use on the web. Converts any image file into a compact JPEG.