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SimpleKeys 2
Updated to v2.6.4

Now OSX10.13 compatible!

  • More bug fixes related to copy & paste and drag & drop

SimpleKeys allows you to assign an action or sequence of actions to almost any key combination in a simple, easy to use interface. From typing text to full macro creation, automating your Mac has never been easier.
DataView and piDogScrollingCanvas 1.12.3 Now Available!
Release Notes:
1.12.3 [New] Added ZoomScalesColumnWidths to allow column adjustment to be based on scaled view size [New] Added editDelay property to set how long (in seconds) the user must hover the mouse after click to enter edit mode. [Bug] Fixed an issue with groups expand button not responding [Bug] Fixed minor issue with Scrolling LayerSize when changing zoom level [Bug] Fixes for Dark Mode and Vibrancy on Mojave [Bug] Fixes for scrolling overshoot when using a mouse on OSX [Bug] Fixed a potential exception in 64bit mode during Open. 1.12.2 [Change] DragRow is Now DragRows and includes Rows() rather than Row. Also includes RemoveDraggedRows byref parameter [New] Added dragDelay property to allow setting click/hold time required before drag begins [New] Added DragAccepted Event when a row drag is dropped on another DataView [New] Cell Editor now aligns the same as the cell being edited [New] added TabToEditableCellsOnly Property to allow skipping non-editable cells when tabbing. [Bug] CellTextChange and CellAction now fire when a cell has been edited [Bug] CellDidEdit now fires reliably [Bug] CellKeyDown now fires for tab/enter/return keys when editing a cell to allow custom tabbing.

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TheBigUndo 1.1.0
TheBigUndo 1.1.0
TheBigUndo has been updated to improve compatibility with the current Xojo IDE and add support for GTK3.

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ActivityViewer 2.6.0
ActivityViewer 2.6.0
ActivityViewer has been updated to improve compatibility with the current Xojo IDE and add support for SecureSockets.

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TelnetLauncher3.1 Released

TelnetLauncher 3 is a complete rewrite of the original Terminal bookmarking app for Mac OS X!

TelnetLauncher 3 brings superior stability along with several new features including:
  • Open a session group in a tabbed terminal window!
  • Window settings are now left to
  • New "File Drop" shortcuts, allowing you to drag files to TelnetLauncher and run a command using the dropped file's path!
  • Customize TelnetLauncher's appearance with custom colored window and text

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JPEG4Web Updated to 1.8.0. Now a sandboxed app! Many internal improvements for speed and stability.

JPEG4Web makes it a breeze to Resize, Compress, Crop, and Watermark a single image or a collection of images for use on the web. Converts any image file into a compact JPEG.