TelnetLauncher 3

TelnetLauncher 3

TelnetLauncher3 is a complete rewrite of TelnetLauncher, the original terminal bookmarking and launching software for Mac OSX!

    TelnetLauncher3 packs all of the features you need into a compact and efficient interface.

    Launch Telnet, SSH, FTP, SFTP and Custom commands with a click!

    Launch Tabbed Groups of bookmarks!

    Create “File Drop” commands, allowing you to drag files and folders to the TelnetLauncher window and run a shell command using the file or folder’s path.

    Custom commands allow you to create shortcuts for any terminal command.

    A global status item menu (in your menubar next to the clock) is available to access shortcuts from anywhere! Shortcuts can also be accessed from TelnetLauncher’s Dock Menu.

    Groups make it a breeze to organize and launch multiple shortcutswith a click.

    Shortcuts can belong to multiple groups, allowing for deeper organization.

    Window settings are pulled from, providing maximum forward compatibility!

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TelnetLauncher 3


Size: 11.2
Version: 3.2.0
Published: November 16, 2019