ScreenShot Plus

A Better Screen Capture with Resize, Annotate, and Compression for Mac OS X

ScreenShot Plus uses Apple’s capture tool to do the capturing, but allows you to scale the capture and select a format: jpeg, tiff, psd, and more! You can even attach the capture to an email in one step.

ScreenShot Plus is activated by pressing Shift-Apple-2, You will then have the option of selecting a region on screen, toggle to window select mode by pressing the space-bar. A window will appear showing the captured area. From here you can scale the image and select a format to save in. ScreenShot Plus now uses Quartz scaling for a smoother result.

Unregistered copies will save images with a watermark.

Please register to help support future developement and to be kept up to date on new features!

Jim McKay
piDog Software

Be sure SimpleKeys is included in your Accessibility Settings in System Preferences or it will not function properly!