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TextSize and TextFont return invalid values


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I am trying to implement a printing routine and need to get the Heading and Cell text font and text size for a DataView grid object. It appears the TextFont is always an empty string and TextSize is always zero.

For the header I have tried:
.Column( iCol ).HeadingTextFont
.Column( iCol ).HeadingTextSize

for the Cell I have tried:
.CellTextFont(iRow, iCol)
.CellTextSize(iRow, iCol)

I have also tried


The font is always an empty string
and the text size is always 0.

I am sure I am missing something simple...

How should I determine the currently used text font and text size for column headings and cells?

This is on MacOS Mojave 10.14.3.

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Currently a TextSize of zero or empty Font name will cause rendering to use a font and size based on the target OS, but I agree that the properties should reflect what will be used. I'll add that for the next update.

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Sound good. Thank you