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Multiline listbox?  



Hi - looking for alternatives to the native xojo listbox. In particular, i'm replicating one of my filemaker database apps, where various data elements are shown in a single cell, along with some buttons. This is a trivially easy thing to do in Filemaker, but getting stumped in xojo. I attach a pic showing the layout i mean. 

Can't see a way to do this with the native xojo listbox, is this something that can be done with DataView?

multline list

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Hi, this can be done relatively simply with DataView. If you look in the demo download at the Contact List example, you'll see the use of CellContainer (a subclass of containerControl). You can layout the cell as desired and then assign that container to the first column of the DataView in the Open event. From there the cellcontainer needs implement the PopulateValues and DepopulateValues events. Use self.view to access the parent DataView and self.Row and self.Column to access the cell's data. I recommend placing the values in a Dictionary and storing that in DataView.CellTag.


OK that does seem like what i'm looking for... 

Purchased the bundle, but other than a PayPal receipt, I've not yet received anything?