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Header and Setting InitalValue by Code


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I am trying to set the header values using code. Tried putting this code in the window's Open event as well as the DataView's Open event, and even in the Action event of a button on the window. I can't seem to change the header values by code.


Self.lstContacts.InitialValue = "Checked" + Chr(9) + "First Name" + Chr(9) + "Last Name" + Chr(9) + "Company Name" + Chr(9) + "Address" + Chr(9) + "Main/Work Phone" + Chr(9) + "Email Address"

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Currently the InitialValue property only loads from the inspector value in the IDE. It would make sense to allow setting at any time. I'll see if I can get that added for the coming update. Should be available tomorrow if no major issues arise.


Thank you so much for making this change! You are so responsive and I really appreciate it!