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I have noticed a change in behavior when I upgraded from Dataview to  To isolate this, I created a simple app with with a dataView grill.  It is set to begin edit on a CellClick.  With it works as expected, going into edit mode, but in the does not go into edit mode.  It appears that it fires the CellWillEdit event, then immediately fires the CellDidEdit and CellLostFocus event.  Then one second later it fires the CellWillEdit event followed by CellDidEdit and Lost focus.  This all from the one click on cell(0,0).

Below is a log of the events CellClick, CellWillEdit, CellDidEdit, CellLostFocus from a single mouse click:

11:15:16 AM : WndTest.DataView1.CellClick(0, 3)
WndTest.DataView1.CellWillEdit(0, 3)
WndTest.DataView1.CellDidEdit(0, 3)
WndTest.DataView1.CellLostFocus(0, 3)
11:15:17 AM : WndTest.DataView1.CellWillEdit(0, 3)
WndTest.DataView1.CellDidEdit(0, 3)
WndTest.DataView1.CellLostFocus(0, 3)

Did something change that I need to account for?  I am running Xojo Release 2019 3.2.

Currently, none of my editing is working, and I am planning on reverting back to Dataview

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Yes, I did see this. I have a fix in place and will try to get the update posted today.

alindsay Topic starter August 8, 2020 4:12 pm

It appears that DataView resolves the editing loss of focus issue for the downloaded Demo Version.  Unfortunately the version of the master source version seems to have introduced the Black Text and Black Background while editing issue that has been reported previously. (I believe it had to do with some properties not being updated properly?)  

On a positive note, the editing loss of focus on the first row is resolved, I just can't see the text. 🙂

Mac OS: 10.14.6

Xojo: 2019r3.2

Jim August 8, 2020 9:59 pm

Do me a quick favor since you have the source version. Look in the supporting files folder of the dataview folder. Click the CellEdit object and click the text area and textfield. My theory is that copying the project items from Xojo 2019r1 to r3, Xojo isn't carrying over the background color and r3 is just leaving it as black. By simply clicking them, it nudges the ide to fill in the values.

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It is working now.  I opened the CellEdit and it showed a white background.  It didn't change until I also saved, closed the project and then reopened Xojo. Now everything is working fine.

Jim August 10, 2020 9:38 pm

Thanks, you're right. Saving and reopening is the key. Hopefully I'll be able to come up with a foolproof sequence for the next update.