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[Solved] Best way to CompareRows with Folders/Children?

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I'm using a DataView and some items in the list are Folders (via InsertFolder). The children are added to these folder rows with AddChild. No problems there. What I am experiencing is that in CompareRows, on a handful of columns, I have custom sorting and return True. The expanded Children get sorted as if they are part of the main list, so makes things look bad. Ie, sorting by one of the custom sort columns, and expand a parent folder row, the child row then gets sorted to somewhere else in the list. Is there any way to make sure the Children of the Parent Rows only get sorted within their own depth? (I believe Children are depth+1 to their Parent).

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It looks like custom sorting is broken when folder rows are present. I'm adding code to keep child rows under their parent row for the next update. I'll see if I can get that update out soon.

I can send you a pre-release copy to try if you send me a message via the contact link in the support menu so I have a good email for you.