DataView is now available.

Release Notes:

  • [Bug] Fixed an issue that could cause LastIndex value to be wrong when adding rows with a sortcolumn selected.
    [Bug] Setting a cell value in the sorted column now causes the sort to be performed.
  • [Performance] Improved ProgressBar rendering
    [Performance] Now invalidates cell when setting value rather than refresh to avoid lag when adding rows
  • [Demo] Event logging window efficiency improved.


  • [IMPORTANT] DataView Users must now call piDogDataView.DataView.Register() rather than piDogScrollingCanvas.Register()
  • [New] Added “edit as TextEdit” parameter to CellKeyDown event to allow verifying entry and preventing exiting an edit by intercepting “Enter” and “Tab” keystrokes
    [New] Added WillNavigateToCell event to allow modifying the next cell to receive focus when navigating via keyboard.
    [New] Added NavigateToNextCell to allow simulating navigation via a Tab press
  • [Mac] Fixed an issue where alignment could be wrong after scrolling when using native scrollers and scrolling area is smaller than the control.


DataView is now available!

[Bug] Fix for failed zoom gestures when window is resized.
[Bug] No longer requires constant redrawing scrolling layer when scrolling in raster mode.

  • [Linux] removed code preventing compile with Xojo pre 2017r2

  • [Mac] Fixed scrollerbounds on retina displays with locked columns set
  • [Mac] Fixed header drawing with vibrant header on retina displays
  • [Mac] Fixed some header transparency issues with UsesSystemColors set to True
  • [Mac] Vibrant Header now fills gap on the right edge when scrollbar is visible
  • [Mac] Fixed scrolling image alignment with native scrollers
  • [Win] Row background colors with alpha now render correctly.
  • [Win] Scrollerbounds adjusted for HIDPI displays with lockcolumns set

Also includes several bug fixes. Check the release notes for more.

DataView 1.13.3 Now Available

DataView has been updated to 1.13.3.

This update includes:


[Bug] Fixed column lookups with AccessColumnsByInsertionOrder set. Specifically cellClick, columnByTitle, columnByFieldName, cellHelpTag and FocusCell.
[Bug] Fixed alignment offset for dateChooser cells.
[Bug] Fixed some more issues with scrollbars covering part of last column

[Mac] Fixed native scrollbar alignment 1 pixel error