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Stack Overflow Exception
ID: 1423Status: Pending ReviewVersion: Date: July 20, 2019Product: DataView
ReporterGrant Singleton

Dataview having Stack Overflow Exception issue. Could be related to previous bug #1408. Please see window grab for info. Dataview currently unusable with this error in my app.

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  1. Extra info:

    Windows 7 x64 SP1, Xojo for Windows 2019r1.1

    Called from piDogGeometry.DoubleRect.Union:

    Function Union(other As piDogGeometry.doubleRect) As piDogGeometry.doubleRect
    ///returns a new rect encompassing this rect and other rect

    #If Not debugbuild
    #Pragma disablebackgroundTasks
    #Pragma disableBoundsChecking
    ‘#pragma stackOverflowChecking false
    #Pragma nilObjectChecking False

    Dim x,y,w,h As Double
    x=minD(Me.dataStruct.Left,other.dataStruct.Left) <—- Stack Overflow Exception
    Return new piDogGeometry.DoubleRect(x,y,w,h,0)
    End Function

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