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Display problems in piDogDataView.DataView
ID: 997Status: FixedVersion: Date: January 29, 2019Product: DataView
ReporterBill Miles

Multiple display issues in OSX Mojave dark mode

Edit cell – the text duplicates and is slightly displaced upward, showing 2 copies of text in the same cell, with one copy highlighted

Edit Cell – backspace does not delete text

popup menu cell – selected text when popup closes rendered in the background color, so the cell appears blank unless highlighted

5 thoughts on “Display problems in piDogDataView.DataView”

  1. Jim – yes it is a retina display. The best description is that when you edit a cell, a transparent edit text box is laid on top of the existing cell, but the transparent edit text box is displaced upward by about 2-3 px and right 1-2px. In addition, the edit text box characters are all selected and highlighted. Backspace key moves the cursor, but the highlight and the text are displayed untouched. Tab out of the cell, and the deleted characters are removed.

  2. Yes – although it is really strange. Your database demo displaces the both the cell text and the edit text about 2px down, and behaves as described above. My program, however, still behaves as above. I’ll send you some screenshots

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