DataView Update & 20% off for Black Friday – Cyber Monday

Visit the Xojo Store for a 20% discount on a new license for DataView, or the pages for 20% off on renewals for DataView, piDogScrollingCanvas and the piDog Bundle for Xojo. Both sales are active through Monday 11-29-2021!

DataView has been updated to v1.15.7.1!

This release includes Windows Dark Mode support with Xojo 2021r3 when you set UsesSystemColors to true.

Also in this release:

  • Improvements to scrolling and drag speed when working with very long lists.
  • Scrollbars have seen some fixes especially regarding Windows 11 when ScrollButtons are enabled.

I’ve split this release into two project files, to avoid issues when working in different Xojo IDE version relating to inspector values not being carried over between project formats.

Visit to check out the changes!