DataView Available

DataView and piDogScrollingCanvas

32bit and 64bit

Size: 23
Published: November 29, 2021

[New] You can now set the varType of a column to treat values in that column as that type of value ie me.column(x).vartype=varType(1.0) //set type to double
[New] Added inspector Window to demo to allow Viewing and modifying properties of Demo Items.
[New] Added SortIndicatorPaint event to allow custom drawing of column sort indicator
[Demo] Reorganized Demo folders more logically
[Docs] Added example code for several events.
[All] CellTextPaint now passes x and width byref to allow modifying location of built-in text.
[Bug] Fix for issue where cellContainer would shift when cell was activated
[Bug] Fix for Cell Editor not sizing correctly, esp on Win7
[Bug] Fix for group row rendering glitch
[Bug] AddChildRow now sets parent row as folder if not already set
[Bug] CellPicture now adds padding between cell picture and cell text
[Bug] No longer raises an exception if cell formatting functions (cellBold etc) are called out of the existing column bounds
[macOS] Fixed a rendering issue for cellContainers when switching between light and dark modes
[Win] No longer tries to emulate theme color for selected rows.
[Linux] Fixed issues with popupmenu cells and dateChooser modality/placement