DataView Available

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  • [New] Added CheckAllChecked event to allow custom handling of check-all heading checkbox
  • [New] Added RowBackGroundColor(index as integer)
  • [New] Added RowBold(index as integer)
  • [New] Added RowFont(index as integer)
  • [New] Added RowItalic(index as integer)
  • [New] Added RowTextColor(index as integer
  • [New] Added RowTextSize(index as integer
  • [Bug] DataViewListboxStyle and DataViewFileBrowserStyle subclass now respects overrrides of various properties
  • [Bug] Replacing DataSource now keeps DefaultRowHeight in place
  • [Bug] Column TextFont/Italic/Bold now work as expected again
  • [Bug] Certain Fonts now render again in tight cell spaces