DataView and piDogScrollingCanvas v1.15.2.1 Now Available

IMPORTANT! has a crashing bug. Please be sure that you’re using

[Bug] Fix for IllegalCastException when editing a cell.

  • [Demo] Fixes to database demo for Xojo2019r3
  • [Demo] Added nil checks to avoid exception with nil recordset
  • [New] Added DefualtColumnSpan to ListColumn class to allow using a column for it’s header only
  • [New] CheckAllCheckbox now checks newly aded rows if checked
  • [New] ColumnCheckallState method for setting Checkall state
  • [New] Locked Rows now excluded from column sort
  • [All] ContextualMenu events now bubble up properly
  • [All] Speed improvements to gridLine rendering when no CellBorders or CellHeights/ColumnSpans are set
  • [All] Improvements to scroll-on-edge-drag
  • [Bug] Fix for CellPicture Heights on non-retina display
  • [Bug] Fix for scaling of empty columns on Retina displays
  • [Bug] CellTextpaint now fires for Progressbar cells
  • [Bug] Fixes for automatic checkboxes when columns rearranged
  • [Bug] Fixed minor visual glitch when expanding/collapsing folders
  • [Bug] No longer scrolls to focused cell when expanding a row
  • [Linux] More fixes for cellcontainer click/drag behavior.

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