DataView and piDogScrollingCanvas now available

DataView and piDogScrollingCanvas v1.15.1.3 now available for download!

In This Release:

 [Demo] Added AddRow and DeleteRow to Database Demo/DBDataSource
 [New] All datasource accessors to rows() array now use RowID method to allow overidding by subclasses
 [Bug] Fixed an issue where a celledit could overlap heading if top of dataview was > 0
 [Bug] Fixed issue with tabbing to a cell in a sorted column
 [Bug] Scrolling to Cell after editing a sorted column now works as expected
 [Bug] Fixed inconsistent handling of mouseup
 [Bug] Fix for bug that would allow cell editfield to float when the list is scrolled during edit
 [Bug] Fix for handling of AddChildRow when the parent has multiple levels of children