DataView and piDogScrollingCanvas Now Available

A new version of piDog DataView and ScrollingCanvas are now available.
Release Notes:

[New] Checkboxes now follow text when center aligned and move to the right end when right aligned
[Bug] Fix for possible issues when using dataview.columndefaults to pre-set-up columns
[Bug] Fixed blurry header with vibrantHeader set
[Bug] Fixed OutOfBoundsException in drag/drop between 2 dataviews
[Bug] DataSource changes now only update parent dataview.
[Bug] Floating Group alignment adjusted by 1-pixel
[Bug] Collapsing an empty Folder or Group row no longer causes scroll position to jump.
[Bug] Added more checks for string to NSString conversion to prevent crash when conversion fails
[Bug] Fix that caused bordered Dataview to allow slight horizontal scroll when not needed.
[All] Misc minor optimizations
[All] Fixes for Xojo 2015
[Demo Bug] Database demo fix for sortcolumn infinite loop bug
[Mac] Fix for potential “dead zones” when using native scrollers.
[Win] Fix for 1 pixel misalignment of native scrollers.
[Win] Now runs under Windows XP
[Win] Fix for System hightlight Color on Windows 10
[Win] Fix for cellRect 1-pixel offset
[All] Misc minor optimizations