DataView Now Available

DataView is now available with a few new key features and optimizations!

  • [New] Added LockedRows property and LockRows() method to allow locking a number of rows to top of list.
  • [New] Added LockedColumns property along side LockColumns method
  • [New] Added LockedColumnCount property in addition to LockColumns() method
  • [New] Added requirement for third paramter (default) to cellValue method.
  • [New] Added shift-click rectangle selection behavior for shift-click with both cell sellection and multiple selection modes.
  • [New] InitialValue can now be set via code after open.
  • [All] Optimized speed of adding columns
  • [All] Optimizations to scrolling responsiveness
  • [All] Made improvements to floating group headings behavior.
  • [Bug] Fix for gap in rendering with a single row in a DataView
  • [Bug] Fix for shift-click and command-click selection functions
  • [Bug] Fixed Single selection mode behaviour with command-click and shift-click
  • [Bug] Fix for blank area at bottom of list when paintEmptyRows=true
  • [Bug] Fix for click tracking and rendering in custom scrollers
  • [Bug] Fixed a bug that could cause a rendering slowdown
  • [Mac] Improved trackpad scolling gesture response in LockedColumn And LockedRow areas
  • [Linux] Fixes for TextScaling and CellContainer rendering
  • [Demo] General improvements to scrolling in option pane.