DataView 1.14.3 Available

DataView 1.14.3 is now available

Changes  in this version:

  • [Bug] Internal handlers now use weakref to avoid issues with DataView in container
  • [Bug] Locked Columns with cellHeight now render correctly again.
  • [Bug] Dragging rows to end of list now exposes all available rows.
  • [Bug] Dragging rows out and back in to DataView no longer displays unneeded animations
  • [Bug] CellTextChange now fires again when a cell is edited
  • [Bug] Fixed issues with column heights when resizing while scrolled to end of list
  • [Bug] AutoScrolling should work more smoothly and reliably
  • [Bug] CellMouseExit now fires when mousing out of the view.
  • [New] OptionList.index now defaults to -1