DataView 1.14.1 Now Available

DataView 1.14.1 is now available for download.

Release Notes:


[Compatibility] ColumnSortDirection now accepts -1 for the column
[Compatibility] HeaderType now accepts -1 for the column
[Compatibility] Added PressHeader method
[Compatibility] Made DataViewListboxStyle class more customizable by respecting IDE settings for Headingheight, DefaultRowHeight.
[Compatibility] LastIndex is now a property rather than a function.

[Bug] Fixed an exception when resizing to 0 width or height
[Bug] All events now map Column correctly when accessColumnsByInsertionOrder is set. Includes HeadingConstructContextualMenu, CellConstructContextualMenu, HeadingContextualMenuAction, CellContextualMenuAction, DragOver, CellDropObject, DropCells, CellKeyDown, CellAction, CellDidEdit, CellWillEdit, ColumnDrag, ColumnDragTo, DoubleClick, DrawCellRect, CompareRows, GridlinePaint, CellGotFocus, CellKeyDown, CellLostFocus, CellTextChange, prepareDatePicker, CellBackgroundPaint, CellTextPaint, HeadingBackgroundPaint, HeadingTextPaint
[Bug] ESC key now cancels a cell edit again.

[Mac] Fixed a ghosting problem when editing a cell in dark mode
[Mac] Fixed a crash when moving a window between screen where a dataview container had been added and removed.
[Mac] Now respects ScrollbarHorizontal and ScrollbarVertical with native scrollers on mac

[Win] Now responds live to scaling changes on Windows 10

[HIDPI] Reworked some HIDPI rendering to be more efficient and more accurate.

[Demo] Fixed some overlapping controls in options pane
[Demo] Event log no longer prevents demo from quitting on WIndows