DataView and piDogScrollingCanvas 1.14.0

DataView and piDogScrollingCanvas 1.14.0 are now available!

This release include quite a few New Features and Bug Fixes.

Here’s a few:

  • [New] Column resizing now optionally creates a temporary datasource containing the visible rows to use in rendering during resize operations to prevent slowdowns due to repetative queries if the datasource is using a database backend.
  • [New] Added UseTempDataSourceForColumnResize property to clone the visible rows for use during column resize operations to reduce overhead and improve performance when a database is used as backend for DataSource.
  • [New] Added DataViewListboxStyle and DataViewFileBrowserStyle example subclasses
  • [New] Added UsesSystemSortIndicators to separate rendering preference
  • [New] Added UsesSystemHeader to separate System Headers, Colors, and SortArrows
  • [New] Added ThemeChanged event to allow for adjusting rendering colors and styles etc when the system colors/theme changes
  • [New] Added HeaderType() method for Listbox compatibility
  • [New] Added TypeDate cell type to store and display dates, but without a chooser
  • [New] Added ClearBorders method to remove all cell borders
  • [New] Added method AddColumn(heading as string, fieldName as string=””)
  • [New] Added DataView.ColumnDefaults to allow setting default values for new columns added to the dataview

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