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Launches Telnet and SSH sessions under OSX 10.2-10.5 via

Features include:

  • Launch sessions with a custom keyboard shortcut!
  • Passwords are stored securely in your Keychain
  • Session can be made to automatically minimize to the dock
  • Set font and size for each session
  • Set Terminal Opaqueness for each session
  • Now allows users to specify terminal colors for each saved session
  • Works as the helper app for telnet://url/ links with IE5
  • Allows you to specify rows and columns for each session
  • Allows you to create custom terminal commands for fast access to unix commands like 'top'
  • Dock menu support makes access to sessions a groups a breeze
  • Multiple groups allows you to organize many sessions
  • Simple, easy to understand interface
  • Set port to non-standard port
  • Easily set up ssh port forwarding (secure tunneling)
  • Set terminal emulation for each session