Scope: Public
Function PrintPage(g as Graphics, startRow as double=0, columns() as integer=nil, widths() as integer=nil, DrawHeader as Boolean=true, drawBackground as boolean=False, exposeAllText as Boolean=true, pageLeft as integer=0, pageTop as integer=0, pageWidth as integer=0, pageheight as integer=0, scale as Double=1, x as integer=0, y as integer=0) As Double
Call to print a page to g (graphics) beginning with startRow. optionally- columns() designates the set of columns to print or nil for all columns drawHeader determines whether the header will print for the current page drawBackground determines whether the background of rows and header will be printed exposeAllText determines whether the rowheights will be adjusted based on their content scale allows you to render the list smaller/larger than it would otherwise be. Returns the index of the last row to fit in the graphics passed in to allow multipage breaking plus the portion of the last row printed if the row didn't fit on the page and the row height is > 1/4 page. PrintPage does not clip rows unless they exceed 1/4 of the page height.