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DataView for Xojo by piDog Software
DataView Documentation

DataView is a list control subclassed from piDogScrollingCanvas
piDog.DataView is a fast and flexible list viewer by piDog Software. Check out the features!
  • Animated Column reordering, Row Dragging, Folder Expansion and Collapse and optionally, CellHeights!
  • Retina capable
  • Handles millions of rows with ease
  • List is backed by a DataSource object. Subclass DataSource and manage your data your way!
  • Demo includes an example DataBase browser to get you started!
  • Independantly setable RowHeights.
  • Set Font attributes and colors for individual cells.
  • Optimized for Mac, Windows, and Linux
  • Drop in compatible with Xojo Listbox in most cases (let me know if I've missed something)
  • Receive Mouse Events in individual cells!
  • Supports Zoom In/Out
  • Optionally uses native NSScrollers under OSX
piDog.DataView is included with piDogScrollingCanvas!

Release Notes
  • [All] Fixed a bug when setting CellBackgroundColor
  • [All] Fixed initial inspector values to enable acceptFocus
  • [All] Now selects row 0 if no selection exists prior to keyboard navigation
  • [Win] Fixed cell clipping in Xojo 2016r3
  • [All] No longer redraws all visible cells when becoming active/inactive and gaining/losing focus
  • [All] Changed DataView.Refresh to DataView.Redraw to redraw all graphical elements
  • [All] Setting width/height via code now adjusts coords correctly
  • [All] Fixed coordinates in piDogScrollingCanvas when resizing the parent window
  • [All] Added DataSource override method for cellPicture
  • [All] Fixed Shift-Click behavior
  • [All] Dragging rows now sets a reasonable limit on the size of the dragging image
  • [All] Multiple Change events now coallesce into a single event
  • [All] SelCount optimised
  • [Demo] Changed main demo to use SelCount rather than SelectedRows.ubound in change event.
  • [All] Added notes to companion classes to help explain usage.
  • [All] DatePicker and PopupMenu now fire Action, Changed and CellTextChanged as appropriate
  • [All] Added SortedColumn for ListBox compatibility
  • [All] Added ScrollbarVertical and ScrollbarHorizontal for Listbox Compatibility
  • [All] ActiveCell now returns the current editing cell
  • [All] Cells with overlapping cells due to colspans now render correctly when resizing and reordering
  • [All] Fixed up some issues with editField when embedding DataView in a containerControl
  • [All] Fixed up some container allignment issues
  • [All] Fixed an issue using cellBackGroundColor on individual cells
  • [All] Headers now resume unclicked appearance if HeaderPressed returns true (press was handled)
  • [All] Fixed an issue with cells being improperly clipped
  • [Linux/Win] using decimalAlign now works as expected
  • [Mac] DatePicker now allows selecting currently selected date to dismiss
  • [Mac] Fixed a bug preventing trackpad clicks from registering on embedded containers in macOS 10.12
  • [Linux] Contextual Menu functions now function properly.
  • [New] Added cellPicture functionality
  • [All] Added support for Page Up/Down and Home/End keys
  • [All] Resizing columns now much faster and smoother
  • [All] Resizing columns with % or * values should no longer snap or bump after release
  • [All] Fix for dragging rows/cells not drawing rows, or drawing wrong rows.
  • [All] Fixes for gridline locations when resizing columns.
  • [Bug] GridX no longer contains an extra coord in GridlinePaint event
  • [Win] [Bug] Fixed checkbox drawing with high-contrast and classic theme on Windows
  • [Win] [Bug] Fixed possible crash when resizing DateChooser columns on Windows
  • [Win] Native Scrollers and progressbars now drawn more accurately on Windows Classic and high contrast themes
  • [Linux] Fix for scrollers in HIDPI
  • [Linux][Win] Minor fixes for DateChooser
  • [New] Added AccessColumnsByInsertionOrder property to DataView
  • [New] Added HeadingTextColor, HeadingTextBold, HeadingTextFont, HeadingTextSize and HeadingTextItalic to listColumn
  • [New] Added more cell formatting options to listColumn class
  • [New] Added AllowsUnderflow property to always fill available width of the view
  • [Bug] GridlinePaint event now sets maxy to fill the control if a partial row is visible
  • [Bug] GridlinePaint event now includes gridX coords for locked columns
  • [Bug] Resizing, Resized, and ScrollingLayerSizeChanged events now available in DataView
  • [Bug] Fixed possible outOfBounds exception when editing a cell
  • [Bug] Fixed Issue where view would scroll on mouseClick if using Native Scrollers on Mac
  • [Bug] Fixes for drag and drop on an On-Demand list.
  • [Bug[ Calls inside DataView now refer exclusively to datasource for cell/column info.
  • [Bug] Fixed minor glitches in Embedded cellContainers
  • [Bug] SortColumn no longer tries to sort on column(0) on open
  • [Bug] Fixed possible crash on quit
  • [Bug] Fixed some issues with column resizing
  • [All] Reorganized some inspector settings for ease of setup
  • [All] CellTextHeight now accounts for CellPadding
  • [All] Cancelling a Dragreorder by pressing escape now restores the list correctly again.
  • [All] Scrollers no longer apear when not needed.
  • [All] Now allows setting Various text formatting on checkbox, popup and datechooser cells.
  • [All] Embedded Containers now behave when resizing the window after clicking a container.
  • [All] TimerPDS now works correctly when dropped on a window
  • [All] Minor improvement in folder expand/collapse animation
  • [All] Added cellBackgroundPaintEnabled property to improve efficiency when only standard cell painting is needed
  • [All] RowHeight now returns defaultRowHeight if no row parameter is passed
  • [All] Added CellTextPaintEnabled property to improve performance when using standard cell painting
  • [All] Calendar and PopupMenus now fire on mouseup to allow dragging in popupmenu and calendar cells
  • [Mac] Minor optimization to cell rendering
  • [Mac] Resizing no longer causes unwanted scrolling
  • [Mac] Resizing with NativeScrollers no longer leaves blank area to right of scrolling area
  • [Mac] Resizing larger with view scrolled to the right no longer leaves empty space
  • [Win] Fixed a bug preventing running a project using DataView under Xojo 2015.*
  • [Win] Fixed blurry text on Windows
  • [Win] More Windows fixes for Xojo 2016r4
  • [Win] Now builds with Xojo 2014r2.1 again
  • [Win] Updated control rendering under classic and high contrast themes to work correctly
  • [Linux] Fixed an issue with rendering during multislect

  • [New] Added ColumnResizingMode to specify the resizing behavior when resizing the control. ie a window resize
  • [New] Added ColumnResizingUserMode to specify the behavior when the user is resizing a column by dragging the separator
  • [New] Added AutoResizeable to listColumn to allow exclusion of a column from autoresizing behavior.
  • [New] Added AllowsOverflow. True causes a horizontal scroller to be added when all columns are at minimum widths.
  • [New] Now uses textarea for multiline cells and textfield for truncated cells
  • [New] Added CellTextWrapMode and ListColumn.TextWrapMode
  • [New] Added ContextualMenu Support to Headings
  • [New] Added HeadingConstructContextualMenu and HeadingContextualMenuAction
  • [New] Added ListColumn.HeadingAlignment
  • [New] Added DrawInto method with optional hidescrollers parameter
  • [New] Added ColumnResize Event
  • [New] Added DragCells event
  • [New] Added accessor for cellBackgroundColor
  • [Change] GridlinePaint no longer includes coords obscured by locked columns
  • [Change] Removed ColumnWidthExpression. Use Column().WidthExpression instead.
  • [Change] Added CellLostFocus Event
  • [All] Fixed stackoverflow when dragging from an embedded dataView
  • [All] Fixed bad printing with multiline enabled
  • [All] Checkbox cells now truncate correctly again
  • [All] Fixed possible gap in background fill when zoom<>1
  • [All] CellEdited now fires as expected
  • [All] CellKeyDown now fires as expected
  • [All] CellAction And Change events now fire when the user selects a date in a dateChooser cell
  • [All] Improved selection speed when list contains millions of rows
  • [All] Column reorder animation now more natural
  • [All] Now allows mouse actions to pass through above top of vert scroller. (In header)
  • [All] Added DrawInto method with optional hidescrollers parameter
  • [All] Added listColumn.Hidden property
  • [Mac] Some fixes for NSScroller scroll-on-drag
  • [Mac] Fixed a bug preventing backdropimage and backgroundpattern being drawn in 64bit builds
  • [Mac] Fixed vertical alignment when font is not found
  • [WIndows] Fixes for HIDPI mode
  • [Linux] Fixed a glitch in Linux scrolling when CellEdit scrolls out-of-view
  • [Linux] Added support for display scaling
  • [Linux] CellEdit now scrolls with the view nicely
Try it out for free! Download the demo project to see how it works. If you decide to use it in a production app, just buy a license code and plug it in.

Includes one year of updates!
1 year begins today or at the expiration of current license, whichever is later.
Includes one full year of updates!

1 year begins today or at the expiration of current license, whichever is later.
Includes all the piDog Modules!