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DataView and piDogScrollingCanvas Now Available!
Release Notes: [Bug] Fixed a bug centering the view when the content width is less than the view width. [Bug] Fixed a potential crash on quit condition. [Bug] Fixed a potential runaway CPU usage condition when zooming past maxzoom [Bug] Fixes for embedded ContainerControls causing blocking at top of DataView [Win] Fixes for embedded DataView rendering [Win] Fixed issues with mousedown not being captured on Windows mostly affecting embedded containers [Win] Fixed a scrollbar freezing issue. [Win] Fixed a crash on WIndows 64bit builds related to DateChooser [Bug] Fix for ZoomScalesColumnWidths [Win] PopupMenu Font size fix [Win] Fix for 1-pixel gap to right of vertical scrollbar

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SimpleKeys 2
Updated to v2.6.6

Now OSX10.13 compatible!

  • Fixed a problem where crutial information was blank and did not appear in the app.
  • Provides a notice to add SimpleKeys to Accessibility settings in System Preferences/Security and privacy if not present.

SimpleKeys allows you to assign an action or sequence of actions to almost any key combination in a simple, easy to use interface. From typing text to full macro creation, automating your Mac has never been easier.
TheBigUndo 1.1.0
TheBigUndo 1.1.0
TheBigUndo has been updated to improve compatibility with the current Xojo IDE and add support for GTK3.

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ActivityViewer 2.6.0
ActivityViewer 2.6.0
ActivityViewer has been updated to improve compatibility with the current Xojo IDE and add support for SecureSockets.

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TelnetLauncher3.1 Released

TelnetLauncher 3 is a complete rewrite of the original Terminal bookmarking app for Mac OS X!

TelnetLauncher 3 brings superior stability along with several new features including:
  • Open a session group in a tabbed terminal window!
  • Window settings are now left to
  • New "File Drop" shortcuts, allowing you to drag files to TelnetLauncher and run a command using the dropped file's path!
  • Customize TelnetLauncher's appearance with custom colored window and text

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JPEG4Web Updated to 1.8.0. Now a sandboxed app! Many internal improvements for speed and stability.

JPEG4Web makes it a breeze to Resize, Compress, Crop, and Watermark a single image or a collection of images for use on the web. Converts any image file into a compact JPEG.