...a Module for Xojo Developers.

Release Notes
Introducing TheBigUndo for Xojo

For users of Xojo, implementing a reliable Undo feature has never been a simple task, but with the introduction of TheBigUndo module by piDog Software, Undo's are almost an afterthought.
Easy! TheBigUndo can be as easy to use as copying the Module to your project and adding one line of code to your App's Open event! It's not magic, but it may feel that way. All without any plugin dependencies!

Undo Basics Video 5:10
Powerful! TheBigUndo includes the CustomUndo Interface and many methods and properties to give you total control of Undo's or just a little fine tuning.
Flexible! Try creating a Listbox with Rowtags or Celltags. Make the tags a Dictionary of Arrays of Pictures. See what comes out when you view it using window.XML! And TheBigUndo gives you fully cross-platform compatibility to boot!

Document Open/Save Video 11:58
And More! TheBigUndo not only adds Undo and Redo functions to your project, it provides access to an XML version of any window's state. Save it as a document and Load it back in. TheBigUndo can even set a window's StateChanged flag when the document is modified. Set the SavedState and TheBigUndo knows the difference between a changed window and a window that has been changed and changed back.
..Preferences?!? Well, it's not exactly an Undo/Redo thing, but as a bonus I've included a few functions allowing you to create a preferences window with default settings in minutes. Hey, why not?

Preferences Window Video 10:57
Under The Hood.. TheBigUndo has been revised, refined, rewritten, and refactored to provide the highest level of stability, speed and efficiency possible.

Try it today. Your users will thank you!