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DataView 1.8.1
DataView and piDogScrollingCanvas 1.8.2 Now Available!

Some Changes include:
  • [New] Added cellPicture functionality
  • [All] Resizing columns now much faster and smoother
  • [All] Resizing columns with % or * values should no longer snap or bump after release
  • [All] Fix for dragging rows/cells not drawing rows, or drawing wrong rows.
  • [All] Fixes for gridline locations when resizing columns.
  • [Bug] GridX no longer contains an extra coord in GridlinePaint event
  • [Win] [Bug] Fixed checkbox drawing with high-contrast and classic theme on Windows
  • [Win] [Bug] Fixed possible crash when resizing DateChooser columns on Windows
  • [Win] Native Scrollers and progressbars now drawn more accurately on Windows Classic and high contrast themes
  • [Linux] Fix for scrollers in HIDPI
  • [Linux][Win] Minor fixes for DateChooser

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SimpleKeys 2
Updated to v2.5.5

Now OSX10.10 compatible!

  • This update fixes some problems running under Mac OS 10.10 Yosemite. Also added a speed adjustment for typing text.

SimpleKeys allows you to assign an action or sequence of actions to almost any key combination in a simple, easy to use interface. From typing text to full macro creation, automating your Mac has never been easier.
TelnetLauncher3.1 Released

TelnetLauncher 3 is a complete rewrite of the original Terminal bookmarking app for Mac OS X!

TelnetLauncher 3 brings superior stability along with several new features including:
Download the Demo!
JPEG4Web Updated to 1.8.0. Now a sandboxed app! Many internal improvements for speed and stability.

JPEG4Web makes it a breeze to Resize, Compress, Crop, and Watermark a single image or a collection of images for use on the web. Converts any image file into a compact JPEG.